Zëri i Rinisë 1992

Newspaper of the Union of Youth

Summary of Key Articles – curated and translated by Prof. Artan Puto

February 22 page 2 has a long statement by the Forum for Human Rights defending the right of the Greek minority to run as a separate organization in the forthcoming elections. (Note: This issue was the subject of intense political debate with some viewing representation for the Greek minority as a “fifth column.”)

March 4 page 4 has an article about the Greek minority by Abdi Baleta (former ambassador to the UN under Hoxha and then a DP member and outspoken nationalist).

April 11 page 1 has an editorial on the election of Sali Berisha as president of the country and the Portuguese and Spanish models of transition that he wants to pursue. This model foresees a moderate transition without revenge and discrimination against political adversaries. The election of Berisha is considered as filling an institutional vacuum with a strong personality who enjoys the people’s support.

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