Albanian Government Supports the Further Development of Good Relations Between Albania and Romania

Zëri i Popullit

December 26, 1989

On December 25, 1989, the Romanian embassy in Albania informed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Socialist Republic of Albania about the events leading to the fall of  Ceausescu and his clan in Romania.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs made known to the Romanian embassy that Albania has respected and respects the right of the Romanian people, in freedom and full sovereignty, to decide themselves on their own inner affairs. The ministry also expressed the friendly feelings that the Albanian people have for the Romanian people and the desire of the Albanian government to further develop the good relations that exist between the two countries.

In this meeting, the representative of the Romanian embassy in Tirana said that the officials of the embassy support the Temporary Council of the National Salvation Front of Rumania and its program.

(Albanian Telegraphic Agency)

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