Editor’s Cut

Sections that didn’t make the book

Flying Carpet

In December 1990, the secret “Operation Flying Carpet” began transferring  Albanian Jews from Albania to Israel.

Soldiers’ Defense

The brief attempt by army officers and cadets to seize power on February 21, 1991, the day after the toppling of Hoxha’s monument in Tirana.

Giving Its Soul

The 10th Congress of the Party of Labor in June 1991 (“Congress of Renovation”) and a stinging speech by Central Committee member Dritëro Agolli.

Brothers Need Arms

In December 1992, Albania joined the Organization of Islamic Conference and became a secret conduit for arms to Bosnian Muslims.
(Në Shqip këtu.)

Fly with Two Wings

Religion’s return in the athiest state, Shkoder 1990.

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