Additional Documents

Declassified by Freedom of Information Act

1996 Elections

   Interagency Working Group after elections, October 1996

   Albanian response to US concerns on elections, August 1996

   Reporting by VOA, May 1996

   Meeting with Interior Minister, May 1996

   Embassy report on flawed 1996 elections, May 1996

Death of Enver  Hoxha, 1985

   Yugoslav reaction to Hoxha’s death, April 1985

   French-Albanian relations after Hoxha, April 1985

   Greek reactions to Hoxha’s death, April 1985

   Which way will Albania lean after Hoxha?, September 1983

Death of Mehmet Shehu, 1981

   Italian views after Shehu’s death, November 1982

   Albania after Shehu: Foreign Policy, June 1982

   Albania after Shehu: The Internal Scene, April 1992

   Romanian views on Shehu’s death, December 1981

   Yugoslav views on Shehu’s death, December 1981


   Visit of Fatos Nano to Washington, October 97

   SHIK director accuses U.S. and Greece of unrest in Albania, March 1997

   Visit to Albania of US Defense Secretary William Perry, March 1996

   Briefing package to President Clinton for President Berisha’s visit to White House, September 1995

   Notes and transcript from meeting of President Clinton and President Berisha at the White House, September 1995

   Report on constitutional referendum defeat, November 1994

   Drug Enforcement Administration, Office of Strategic Intelligence, Albania Country Brief, December 2003

   Courts and justice system under democratically elected government, September, 1993

   Report prior to March 1992 elections, March 1992

   Economic crisis during Stability Government, July 1991

   Address of U.S. Secretary of State James Baker to Albanian parliament, June 22, 1991

   James Baker visit to Tirana – agenda and goals, June 17, 1991

   James Baker meetings with PM Ylli Bufi, President Ramiz Alia, and NGO reps, June 22, 1991

   First US diplomatic mission to Albania in 50 years, March 1991

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