Threats against “Koha Jone”

All of you will be put in prison

Teodor Keko: “I am answering politely: You will eat our shit…”

Democracy, freedom, free speech, and human rights in danger

Koha Jone

February 1, 1994

Koha Jone editor-in-chief Aleksander Frangaj and journalist Martin Leka imprisoned.

Today, our colleagues were arrested without being judged by a court and justice.

Our Appeal: Remove the handcuffs from the hands of our colleagues and the free press.

Teodor Keko: “This is a war and we are going to teach the state a good lesson.”

Thoma Gëllçi: “Anti-law has gone ferocious.”

Gjergj Zefi: “This is not the state, but a bunch of mafiosi.”

A day before yesterday the President came back to Tirana.

Yesterday two journalists were arrested.

The path to the free press goes through the prison.

An unfinished report of the journalist M. Leka…

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