Rilindja Demokratike, 1991

Newspaper of the Democratic Party

Summary of Key Articles – curated and translated by Prof. Artan Puto

5 January – the first edition of RD. The front page lists the staff: editor-in-chief Frrok Çupi, head of the publishing council Preç Zogaj, members of the publishing council Petraq Kolevica, Ajet Haxhiu, Natasha Lako, Mitro Çela, Kujtim Çashku, Edi Hila, Ilirjan Zhupa, Teodor Keko and Genc Pollo. Pages 1-6 have a report written by Blendi Fevziu and Ben Blushi with headline “Four Great Days of the Students” about the four days of protests by Tirana University students that led to the legalization and formation of the Democratic Party. Pages 1-2 have the statement by the writer Ismail Kadare that he made after leaving the country in October 1990 with an introductory article by the Kosovar Rexhep Qosja. Page 3 has the draft statute and basic program of the Democratic Party. Page 5 has the speech Sali Berisha gave at the meeting to legalize the DP where he speaks about the factors that prompted changes in Albania, the importance of tolerance and a rejection of revenge, the sitution for minorities in Albania, and the Kosovo question. The same page has an interview with Gramoz Pashko, who explains the DP’s economic strategy.

First edition of Rilindja Demokratike, 5 January 1991.

9 January, front page, has an article entitled “A Difficult Saturday” about pressure against the first DP activists in various towns as they try to organize rallies. The front page also has a short report on a meeting that Ramiz Alia had with DP representatives about postponing the elections, which the DP was demanding. Page 4 has an interview with Besnik Mustafaj given to VOA on 13 December with the headline “The Albanian People Deserves Democracy.” Mustafaj calls for the depoliticization of the Ministries of Interior and Justice and says he supports the appeal of Ramiz Alia that “our people need a contemporary democracy.” Page 6 has an interview with Abdi Baleta, secretary of the Forum for Human Rights, who sets out the objectives of this organization, founded shortly after the DP’s legalization.

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