Bashkimi Newspaper 1992

Newspaper of the Democratic Front

Summary of Key Articles – curated and translated by Prof. Artan Puto

10 January pg. 1 has an interview with Ismail Kadare who supports holding an Assembly for National Reconciliation and Unity. {Note: the Democratic Party opposed this because they viewed it as an initiative of Ramiz Alia.}

8 January, pg. 2 has an article entitled “The Philosophy of Our Chaos,” written by Mendim Veizaj, who tries to explain the chaos in Albania after the regime fell.

8 March has an article written by Andrea Stefani with the title “Epilogue or Prologue for Dictatorship” with the subtitles “Does Pluralism Exists in Albania”, “Democracy Cannot Be Only a Mere Changing of Symbols but a Great School in Which to Learn”, and “Dictatorship is Freedom to Dominate, While Democracy is the Domination of Freedom.” Democracy in Albania is seriously challenged by ignorance and the old authocratic mentality, the author argues.

12 march pg. 3 has an article by Vasfi Baruti based on a public opinion poll conducted on the eve of the elections. The questions are about the future of the country, what are the main democratic forces in the country, do people have confidence in the future of the country etc.

19 March pg. 3 has an article by Nikolla Thimjo with the title “Democracy and Criminality – Two Opposite Things” in which he tries to explain the increase of criminality during the transition. The author gives four factors, including: the precarious economic situation, the economic, political and social instability, citizens’ misunderstanding that democracy equals anarchy.

26 March on pages 1 and 3 there’s the declarations of the leaders of the main political forces after the March 22 elections, including the DP, SP, SDP, and RP. In and editorial, the paper considers the election results a great event in the history of the country, putting an end to the failed socialist system.

5 April has the resignation declaration of Ramiz Alia from his post as president of the republic.

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