Albanian Articles in English



Albanian Government Supports the Further Development of Good Relations Between Albania and Romania,” Zëri i Popullit, December 26, 1989

In Search of Lost Time,” by Ylli Popa, Zëri i Popullit, April 28-29, 1990

Culture Accepts Only Democracy” – Speech by Preç Zogaj to the Democratic Party’s first National Congress,” Rilindja Demokratike, October 2, 1991.

Where is Albania and Where Is It Going?” by Teodor Keko, Aleanca, May 29, 1994

Interview with Ramiz Alia: “On the Eve of 75, Ramiz Alia Speaks,Klan, October 15, 2000

Interview with Arben Sulo: “December 1990 According to Me,” Albania, December 3, 2010.


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